The art of enjoyable sweating

People think that sweating is a miserable experience. But as I was working out yesterday, and helping train my little buddy Ishita, I realized something very profound and quite simple. I won't be able to run like this forever.

I won't be able to play a game of basketball without my knees hurting.

And at some point, god willing I make it to a ripe, old age, I may not even be able to walk or to care for myself without the help of another (but that is its own lesson and blessing meant for another conversation).

This led me to realize how much I enjoyed sprinting and how my body loved the feeling of positive fatigue from a really good work out.

This type of sweating, when you are actively getting stronger and healthier, is addictive. It's the essence of life. It's the sweat of passion, of meaning, of driving to be the best you can be and of savoring every moment of the health and life you've been given.

My grandmother would pay to be able to sweat like that again.

Because that is far different than the sweat of not being able to walk up a flight of stairs, of enduring yet another day of meaningless work and of resisting daily activities that you view as the barrier between you and happiness.

That is the sweat of stagnancy. And there's nothing enjoyable about it.

In my basketball years, I remember thinking that I looked more beautiful after a really hard practice, the ones ironically enough, where I was sweating the most.

Don't run from sweat thinking that it implies unenjoyable labor. Labor is inherent to life. It's effort and there is effort in everything we do.

But it's what and where you exert your energy that determines how you sweat and whether you view it as bothersome or beautiful...