A sure fire way to fail

Is to hate yourself for your gifts. I spent years battling who I was and what I was good at.

I tried to morph myself into something that I thought people would accept and just kept finding even greater dissaproval.

My mother laughs when she tells the story of the slew of books she purchased when I was born including, How to Raise Difficult Children.

She said she knew I was going to be a leader, but my temperament as a 40 year old trapped in a 5 year old's body wasn't easy to manage.

Was I bad a kid? Far from it.

Straight A's, the only kid not drinking or smoking pot at the party and gung-ho as all hell to save the planet with a garbage bag, some enthusiasm and a keen eye for trash.

Was I misunderstood?

yes. everyday and even from some of the people that loved me most.

The point is that I imagine you feel the same way.

It's important to note that no one will ever understand your message in the world more than you. That is your gift, that you can even understand the genius that runs through you. You are the messenger, so deliver it.

Had I listened to the dozens of teachers who didn't like me or the system that essentially aimed to crush my spirit, I don't know who exactly I'd be.

But I do know that I'd be the biggest, most well-liked by mediocrity individual there ever was.

And I would loathe my existence.