New to NYC? Know this before visiting Little Italy!

For those of you that do not know, I just recently moved to NYC and am living uptown in the Bronx. Today I took a trip downtown to Manhattan to check out  Little Italy and see if it was anything like the real Italy. The funny thing about Little Italy in NYC, is that it is slap dab in the middle of China town. It's a huge mix of red, green and white and chinese letters throughout Mulberry and Canal Street. I will say that there are authentic Italians in Little Italy, not only the American bred ones we see on Jersey shore. The pizza was definitely NYC style, but then again, I did eat a little pizzeria, not at one of the nicer places (budget!). All in all, it is definitely worth a visit, if not for the food, for the cheap shopping and fun-loving energy.

I did luck out though at my little pizzeria stop.  I bought a slice of pizza and a beer for $6.95. The lady gave me a second beer for FREE, because the guy she opened it for no longer wanted it. I also bought a long over due cannolo and got to brush up on my Italian.

Traveling is great. "Sigh"

Anyone have any other ideas of where I should visit in NYC? Have you been any place cool? Let  me know, I'm brand-spankin' new!

As always, ciao!