How do you create a life you don’t run away from?

In moments of angst, that’s when I feel my feet move. My heart flutter. Heartache has been a key motivator in me moving. It’s also been linked to my general love of movement! Working out, traveling to new places (inside and outside of places I know and love), and even just walking.

All of these things inspire me.

What inspires you, I wonder?

And what would it take for you to create a life you ran towards?

One where you felt embraced by the light of your own becoming?

I liken it to a flower in bloom.

The tension between the seed, the je ne sais quoi inside that lends itself to upward scaling and the soil… the elements. This leads to growth, up and out of the dirt.

image by @ nicamille

image by @nicamille

Flowers bloom unto themselves.

They don’t run into another garden trying to bloom there.

They bloom where they are.

As humans it’s more complicated, isn’t it? Because we can physically choose our home to bloom. Our gardens if you will. Some are notably far greater than others.

And then, there’s the question of internal soil, isn’t there?

Isn’t there a certain quality to our soul, our thoughts and our inner botany that says you’re free, chained or surrendering?

I grew up with the constitution of the warrior.

I fought to get everywhere. It made sense at the time because there was resistance…everywhere I went.

Nowadays this approach it seems invites warfare (at least on the inside).

I much prefer an approach that’s smoother, softer and indicative of sweeter tunes.

Melodies. Harmonies. Peonies if we’re talking flowers, too.

The soil I bake myself in on the inside leads to how much I want to move my feet on the outside. And where exactly I shall seek refuge when the call comes.

Recent meanderings are almost always heartfelt. Many that came before were stress-induced.

So it brings me back to my initial question, of which, I have no clear answer (yet).

What does it take to create a life you don’t want to run away from?

At first glance, I'd assume you’d have to like yourself enough to like where you are. We adorn our environments with jewels and gems from our travels of worthiness. Decorate your inner boudoir with shame and you get muck. Decorate your external bedroom with dewdrops and lace and you get charmed (are you yourself charming?).

I think it also implies you know yourSelf. That you recognize there is more than one voice, pull and trauma at play in your head and nervous system. Which one we pledge allegiance to (i.e our attention and belief) will dictate again our travels through our sense of self-worthiness.

Worthy of self.

Worth of self.

Worthy of my own adornment.

What would it take to create a life you don’t want to run from?

Be your own best friend?

A genuine love for yourself I’d add.

Now you.

Add your two cents.

What would it take to create a life you don’t want to run from?

And maybe equally as notable…what’s got you grabbin’ your Nike’s so fast, anyways?

p.s. image by: @nicamille