You Don't Need Goals in 2019 [Live #TruthSessions]

#TruthSessions are 90 minute deep dives I do with cilents to discover the language written on their human hearts. For leaders, it generates the core story and reason of why you’re here, or rather, the work and message you will feel most empowered to lead.

In a time with so much upheaval and possibility, knowing your message is a way to root into the truth of who you are, to lead others to their own promiseland on earth and to deliver yourself as the truthseeker and all knower that you are. The truth lives within you. Are you willing to speak it? To live it? To know her intimately?

Live #TruthSessions (as seen above) are my way of doing this, TEDx style, by myself. It’s my way of delivering honest, heartfelt truth in long (er) form video.

Orginally seen on Facebook and Instagram live. Enjoy!

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