A Gift: The Reason We Lie

Dear Beloved Reader, 

How the heck are you? It's been a long while since we spoke and I wanted to send you a gift (an audio) that I've been working on. 

It's part one of a greater series and the first episode if you will is called "The Reason We Lie". 


I remember a client once saying, or alluding to the fact that, the work he was doing versus the greater truth behind the real work he was actually doing, was somehow different. Malaligned. There was something greater at hand he wasn't speaking to. 

I have no idea if this is true for you, today. 

Much has changed since we spoke last and I thought you might really enjoy this gift. :) 

I encourage you to take a listen (or two) and if you feel called, to share your biggest insight. You can email me your insight/s at hello@hausoflala.com or simply hit reply. 

I look forward to reading from you. 

All the best and blessings!