It’s a good thing that your body of work is unique.

For a long time, I couldn’t justify making anything that wasn’t educational. Maybe you can already predict the conundrum

My body of work lacks the commonplace how to’s of the digital business space. It’s more creative honesty than three steps to building your brand.

So I felt trapped and foolish.

Who am I to make #AskJuanita?

That’s so selfish. And fun. Too much fun for business.

Who am I to post daily jokes?

Write from a place of lightness?

Become this new person?

Change my name?

I’m me.

And that’s all the permission I need, dammit. Even when I don’t feel one hundred percent confident in who I am or what I'm doing, I still run (or crawl) in this direction because I can’t stomach anything less than authenticity.