Your voice is the most important thing in your life. Seriously.

Whenever I try to take someone else's advice, let's say society's for example, it blows up in my face. Why not take my own advice, instead?

Advice need not be spoken directly.

It can be derived from cultural assumptions that don't serve us. So what's popular and "tried and true"...not so much. Not for me.

Listening to my own inner voice has been and is still a huge, continual lesson.

I used to be told as a kid that I never listen.

That's only partially and relatively true.

Because I do listen...for the truth. For resonance. For alignment.

For bliss. That one I'm working on.

I don't listen to that which so obviously doesn't serve me. And when much of the "real world" doesn't serve you...I fare much better to listen deeper and create a reality I'd like to play in.

One that yes, serves my radiance.

This hasn't always been easy.

The first step for me has been creating space to hear the whispers and then cultivating the courage and faith to follow course.

This is why I say I see better with my eyes closed.