We think we have time.

Photo by Farouq Samnani

Photo by Farouq Samnani

That's our first and biggest mistake. To believe that we have an endless amount of resources, people, and energy, all in the context of procrastination. 

Show me someone who believes in the unlimited while taking right action toward her vision, even if moving ever-so-slowly, and I'll show you someone who gets it

Maybe she's working toward: 

Making her community a safer place. 

Writing the book on branding and authenticity she's been thinking about. 

Volunteering at the local women's shelter.  

"I cannot tell you often enough that we are definitely the leaders we have been waiting for..." -- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Donating spare change to Planned Parenthood. 

Reading more books written by authors of mixed backgrounds, colors, and creeds. 

Holding the door open for strangers. 

Adding to her own happiness so that she has added energy and blessings to share with others. 

Being an example of unconditional love. 

In the context of procrastination, make no mistake. We don't have unlimited time. 

We're alive, now. 

We're here, now. 

We could die today. 

It's time to serve. 

It's time to rise up. 

It's time to put on your big girl pants, red lipstick, and sports bra and say game on. 

Because the time is now, ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary folk. 

To think you have endless time is to believe in time, which is a fallacy unto itself. It's to put off for tomorrow what can be experienced today. 

I'm not telling you to work yourself to death or to not take care of yourself. Far from it. And if you're already the type of person that's committed and walking in your blessing, then ignore this (or share with someone who's struggling). 

But if you're the one that's struggling....

Confused by the details, the how, the what, the when, and the infinite "I just don't know".

If you're scared, confused, hiding... 

This is for you. 

Your regret on your death bed will not be that you cared too much.

It will be that in the context of all you could've done,  you didn't act. 

You feared more than you lived. 

You placed more emphasis on what others thought and how they perceived you, than on cultivating your own gifts, which the world needs, and which, by the way, were given to you for a reason. :) 

You wondered--to the point of lamenting--more than you experienced. 


You need not be superman. 

We don't need prophets. 

We need you. 


More than ever.