How do I share my ideas when there is so much fear and hate?

A powerful discussion in the name of standing for what you believe in an ethical way. 

One step at a time. 

One grain at a time. 

One word at a time. 


At your own pace. 

With your own timing. 

In your own way. 

You turn the other cheek to look not at the oppressor, but to the angel beside the unnamed.

You speak, in the best way you know how. 

You speak with your eyes that show compassion. 

You speak with your dollars that invest in dreams, inclusion, and unity for all. 

You speak with words forged from the fires of your heart. 

You speak. 

You speak. 

You speak, goddammit. 

Not out of shame or obligation, but because deep within you, there’s something you want to express. 

Something sacred, persistent, and patient. 

Something otherworldly and true. 

Lean into that

How do I balance standing for what I believe in with my job, my family, and my own needs? 

You go within. 

You find inspiration. 

You clear the anger inside of you. You address the pain. You move through it, honor it, see her as a sign post to healing. 

You set boundaries and stand for yourself and others. 

But first, you stand for yourself. You care for yourself. You honor your needs. 

A flower that emerges from the ashes is a very brave soul, indeed.

Then you listen. 




You wait. 

And what you’ll find is a voice within that guides you forward, out of the smoke and mirrors, and into a place of serenity. 

What do you care about more than yourself?

What do you stand for, dammit?

Because now is the time to embody it, in all the ways, small to big.