50% Off Super Cyber Monday Deals (Plus a Funny #AskJuanita Video)

2018 is going to be a massive year of conscious growth. To celebrate gratitude and bring in the new year, I’m running a special. It’s a flat rate for every option and deeply below what I would normally charge. To the tune of about 50% off. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for more details. This offer expires December 29th, 2017.


  1. Review the '8 Ways to Grow Your Business In 2018' below.
  2. Select one (or two) that you love.  
  3. Email me to schedule your 2018 project and discuss details.  
  4. Submit Payment $3200 USD here: pal.me/lalitab
  5. Expect a 2–4 Week Turnaround
  6. Enjoy your new growth! 
  7. Questions? Email me here

8 Ways to Grow Your Business In 2018

30 Nights of Storytelling + Branding
Includes: One month of branding support and consulting. This is best if you’re in transition and require short-term support to communicate a new position, idea or product in the marketplace. Clarity and engagement guaranteed. 
Minor adjustments to copy as well as editing are included. 

One Homepage or Landing Page (+ Custom Site Map)
Includes: Concept, Brand Direction, Site Map/Layout, and Creative Copy (up to 500 words) For example; I turned one client’s homepage into a Dr. Seus inspired storybook. 

10-Part Holiday Card Series

Did you know these can be used as a marketing campaign, too? High engagement, hilarious and fun!
Includes: 10 Unique Messages
Custom Made + Humorous
Black and White Design
Original Design Files
*Printing not included

20-Part Instagram Campaign
Think outside the box. Each image could be a mix of prompts, pop culture, essays, jokes, poetry or even music.
Includes: Ideation, Strategy, Copy and Final Design Files
20 Custom Instagram Files
Black or White background 

Company Manifesto: Your True North
This is one of the best ways I know how to stay in alignment. 
Includes: Ideation, Mission Statement, Why, Values and designed final copy
Please see sample copy, here.

Three-Part Comedic On-Brand YouTube Videos
Includes: Concept, Script + two, 1–2 minute videos.  
Does not include special effects, actors, equipment or space rentals, travel expenses and/or props.

Three-Part Custom Poster Series 
Includes: Custom Copy and Design
*Print not included

Make A Wish!
You tell me! Have an idea? Hit reply and let me know how you’d like to collaborate. 

Terms: All selections come with 1 set of revisions and a creative call to establish your goals, develop your idea and give you clear direction on your next best steps. Payment is due in full to begin. Packages are non-refundable and magic is guaranteed.

It's all about #beingthechange.

For me, that means more art, more laughter, and more stories that move us from our gut (and soul). It means truth, beauty, and collaboration. I even made the video above as a way to rethink Cyber Monday and have fun! 

It’s time to bring our gifts to the world, to share our true voice. I'm committed to helping you bring the real you online, tell your story and reach your tribe.  

It feels right so I’m running with it. If you have an idea, a homepage, a marketing campaign, a course, or creative, generous gesture you want to communicate and launch:

I can help. Let’s do it, together

In the spirit of collaboration, art and impact, let’s do this,


p.s. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please contact me here. 

May your year be merry and your message ever-so-bright. 
May it grace all souls, both lost and found
And inspire those still aslumber