How To Be Your Personal Best

This video was originally seen on Facebook Live. 

I think a great many people attempt to define their best as it relates to other people. As such, many folks are afraid to declare they're awesomeness where others still, like Kevin Hart, happily declare their dominance frequently. 

Both ways of being take root in the idea of competition and other. And I don't think anyone else has anything to do with you being your best. 

In this short video, I share what I think being the best is actually about. Inspired by a talk with a friend, it states two core ideas:

Be in alignment (also known by some as Zone of Genius). 

Walk in your blessing. 

Watch the one minute video above for my full take and to enjoy a funny story about a guy asking me about my freckles. It was crazy! 

Three questions for you to reflect on: 

  • Are you in alignment? How do you know? 
  • What does it mean for YOU to walk in your blessing? 
  • How awesome on a scale of awesome to awesome are freckles?! 

Peace and love butterbabes.