The Power of W H Y (plus an inside-plan for finding your true north)

True north for me is a the direction through which I find alignment. This is how I define alignment. Alignment feels good. It feels easy. It feels right.  For a long time, however, I didn't feel like I knew who I was or what I valued. This felt problematic. How could I grow in the world and collaborate with others if I didn't have a strong sense of who I was? Or what I was committed to creating? Or what mattered to me? Wouldn't I be more prone to losing myself and self-sacrifice? Yes.

Until recently, I think I was borrowing other peoples' values, not really taking the time to figure out my own. 

Below I've included my road map of sorts to help guide my growth, my collaborations and bring me back to center when I feel ungrounded. If it moves you to do so, I suggest creating your own as well. Books that have aided in the journey are Start With Why by Simon Sinek, Overcoming Underearning by Barbara Stanny and Money: A Love Story by Kate Northrup

All the best and enjoy! 


I believe in truth and beauty.

In the power of one's imagination to create a more vibrant existence through the artful use of storytelling. 

I create this world by leading with my imagination, tuning into laughtercollaborating with likeminded beings, being genuine, and leveraging beauty in all that I do.

I happen to be a creative directorwritercomedian, and shameless Pisces.


My contributions to the world do best to fall under these categories. People used to call me a branding expert. Tbey still do. What I really say I'm best at is storytelling and branding falls under that. These titles align more closely to who I truly am and what I feel most excited me. They also demonstrate the areas through which I deeply desire to grow, creatively. 





Spiritual Pisces


In order of importance: Does this opportunity bring me closer or further away from values?

  1. Independence
  2. Imagination
  3. Making a difference
  4. Adventure: an exciting or remarkable experience
  5. Full health: physical activity
  6. Love + Collaboration 
  7. Genuine

What do I require to COLLABORATE with others?

My list of noteworthy observations to launch me into me serving myself and others in a bigger way. 

  1. Charge a lot more money: This takes me into feeling abundant and secure. 

  2. Are they happy? Am I excited about the project?
    1. If I’m not excited, then can I find excitement? If not, then no.  
    2. Is the project inspiring and do I feel invested beyond money? 
  3. Logistics
  4. How soon do you want to start? This is what it costs. 
  5. Signed contract. 
  6. Paid money up front