#metoo + the importance of reconciling our present.

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Q: How can we begin to speak to the world of trespasses against us when we haven't yet had the conversation with ourselves or those like us?

One in three women are sexually abused by the time they're 17. I look at my own world and the statistics are much HIGHER. Every person I shared my story with had one to share back (except for 1). The crazier thing is that some of these people were very close to me. AND I HAD NO IDEA.

The silence starts with us. Is propagated by us. I am not blaming us for remaining silent. I am asking WHY we do? Even amongst those we perceive as similar to us?

Why is this something we bare the weight of alone?

And what and where is the invitation for us to be the change?

A friend shared that she was scared this momentum would stop. That our #METOO platform to speak our truths in solidarity would end.

This got me thinking of all the talking I've done. All the showing up online I've done. And how much more I COULD do and talk about the things I ACTUALLY REALLY CARE ABOUT?

The momentum CAN continue.

We CAN be the change.

By speaking the truth.

By sharing our stories.

And by doing so in spaces and ways that we feel SAFE and GOOD about.

We get to talk about WHAT MATTERS TO US.

To embody who we truly are as opposed to hiding it, stuffing it down and putting on some front so others will like us more.

This goes for anyone and everyone who has ever felt judged, oppressed and/or hated for reasons that make no sense.

You, we, I am worth it.

And this is our time to shine.

We get to be the change.

It starts with this. Deciding now.

I'm deciding. I'm choosing yes.

#notgoingback #palante #yestothelight 

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