Why do we care what other people think?

50+ questions that address the innocent nature of our vanity (and possibly the way out) 

Because we care what other people think. We’re influenced by their proximity to us. We’re aware of how they perceive us and if we look good or not. 

How do we know what looks “good”? 

Not sure. 

I think we base a lot of this crap off the internet. 

But what happened before the internet?

Not sure. 

Doesn’t matter. 

People caring what you think maybe makes you feel important. 

Us caring what someone else thinks may make us feel like we’re at the mercy of that individual, their harsh opinion, or viewpoint that maybe differs from our own.

Bigger question: is it better for us to keep the naysayers around or to eliminate people who don’t think the way that we do?

Or is there another option entirely? 

I think there’s another way. 

I think the nature of the question reveals who we are. 

So the question isn’t to eliminate or not to eliminate that which opposes “us”. 

It then becomes a question of where do they (we) stand vibrationally?

Which brings us to yet again another question: what is at the essence of thought leadership? 

And how can we be in the same space of two seemingly opposing forces? 

At the heart of media, and ideas, lay tension.

Some intentionally seek it out as a way to drive their marketing efforts. 

While effective to a point, this is foolish. 

What you’ll find is that the more high vibe a person or situation is, the less apparent the tension there will be if there any at all. 

While two people or organizations may have different opinions or approaches, and even if you regard one opinion as superior to the other, their frequency is the plane from which that very conversation is born and upon which it rests. 

Elevate yourself. 

Elevate the conversation. 

Do the work of showing up rightly

Rightly simply means with clean energy. Clean intentions. You know, hippie-dippy good vibe ‘ish. 

Dissonance will suddenly look, sound, and most certainly will feel different

And for the sake of baby Jesus, please don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks until you check yourself first