Who are you and what is your reason for breathing?

I don’t know who I am. Not completely. But I’ve begun to make a list of my human qualities so I can better root in the here and now. 

So I can better understand who I am outside of the projections of others. 

I get caught up in what people think of me sometimes, such that I have a hard time understanding who I am. 

I used to see myself as only a spirit in a human body. 

Ethereal wisdom flows through me with ease and I find myself at home in the notions of outer space, the oceans, and in the safety of the trees of the forest.

I find human life harsh and unpredictable at times. 

I’ve avoided making decisions for fear that new opportunities wouldn’t arise and I’ve avoided ending things for fear of hurting people’s feelings.

Neither of these serves me. They probably don’t serve you, either. 

As for my reason for breathing?

Probably, to breathe. 

Purpose and destiny are tricky words. 

For some, they’re empowering and for others, they feel limiting and confusing. 

I come from a place where purpose was akin to dignity, hard work, and being a good purpose. 

These days, my purpose is way more focused on self, because isn’t that where all the other miraculous, marvelous creations we make, originate from?

Try this idea out. It’s a hypothesis, really. 

Where we are is the foundation for what we’re being invited to learn in this moment, in this lifetime.

I believe that I’m an old soul. I’ve lived thousands of lives on this planet. Many were spent in deeply communal, family driven cultures. I learned to rely on and be supported by an intricate network of people within a given area. Less self-identity and more group identity. 

In this lifetime, however, while I was born into a similar family construct, I was born and raised in the USA where there is a heavy emphasis placed on self and individuality. 

For me, I’m learning independence. I’m learning self from within the whole.

Not isolation. 

Not melding. 

But self as part of a whole dictated by self, not by other. 

In this moment, I’m being invited to go deeper within myself. 

To rid myself of old attachments to family, notions of life purpose, and all the stuff I came into this life with. 

Not because it hasn’t served me, but because it’s where I was and not where I’m heading. 

Because this is a new life, a new opportunity, a new day. 

And I get to learn how to be even more independent. 

To build. 

To grow. 

And do right by myself. 

Your lessons may be different. You may be learning to be more communal, to be the wing woman, to take a less front-and-center approach to life. 

And that’s equally as important, although western society doesn’t always dictate it as so. 

But if you’re here, on the website of an artist who runs a creative agency for personal branding… I’m going to take a wild guess and say that maybe cultivation of self (and your body of work) is important to you, too.