ass in the air: freestyle spoken word poetry on ________

 Image by Warner Bros via Movie Hole .

I’m a quarter of the way through a fine little book called The Artist’s Way. If you’re unfamiliar with this book, author Julia Cameron describes it as a spiritual path for creative recovery. If you feel stuck, bored, or like you’re not living into the creative being that you know yourself to be, this 12-week course was made for you. 

Upon picking the book up, I felt the power of it. I knew I would be changed for the better by undergoing this spiritual reformation of sorts that would be catalyzed by creativity. 

According to Julia Cameron, there is no difference. Spirituality and creativity are one in the same. 

I find myself singing more, feeling more, and overall, being more creative. 

This spoken poem (below) is my first off-the-cuff spoken word, ever, a result no doubt of this process. 


I’m sharing this because I think there are elements of it that are actually good. I’m sharing this because I’m on a one week media fast (per the book’s instructions), needed to still write my blog post for the week and was feening, quite literally, for some written word of any kind. 

I’m sharing this because I’d like you to witness spontaneity in hindsight, to see what can come of creative spirit, rising up and word vomiting all over the place. 

Biggest insight of the past week: My anger stems from repression and suppression. I hold back my ideas and feelings because I think they might make people uncomfortable. Ironic, isn’t it, given I’m a writer and blogger and all of that? 

This book is changing me from the inside out. 

I hope you enjoy the spoken word. 

ass in the air. classy.

Like ya really don’t care. 

Because I don’t. 

Not today, at least. #winkface 


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