I can’t stop crying: An open letter and prayer #‎AltonSterling‬ ‪#‎PhilandoCastile‬

The main reason I haven’t written about the impact of black men and women being gunned down in the media and on the ground is due to both profound shock and the inability to articulate what is so obviously f*cked up. #Blacklivesmatter and yet they are being shot down like wild animals, with no regard for their humanity.

Someone tell me what to do to protect our people. 

Someone tell me how to be love in a situation that is so ridden with hate

Someone tell me the way out. 

Because this — as is — can’t stand. 

This — as is — is insanity. 

The right to live is just that: the right to live. To be born into this world and on this earth is to have that very right. It’s when we begin to believe that some deserve to live more than others that we falter. 

That misstep is the very essence of unconsciousness and of our work toward liberation. 

Black is beautiful. 

Black is smart.

Black, you bet your ass, is magic. 

Black is assertive. 

Black is free. 

Black is free. 

Black is safe. 

Black is protected. 

Black has a right to thrive. 

Black is free. 

Black is protected. 

Black and all mankind will heal from these injustices with expedited grace. 

This is my prayer. This is my intention. 

I stand for black lives.

Yes, all lives matter and in the face our black brothers and sisters being slaughtered on the ground and in the media, I give extra emphasis to their emancipation from the old doctrines that live in the minds and systems of this country (and globe). 

May those that embody these doctrines transform them and be free. 

May those oppressed by such doctrines be alleviated of this burden and go free. 

And may the systems that represent such insanity be transformed. 

In the name of something greater, 



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