The bleed through. #Miami talks and art self-realized.

Super excited as I'm putting together my talk (last) tonight on soulful branding for @roamcoliving in ‪#‎Miami‬

This talk feels like years of content and ideas finally culminating to a point of cohesion.

The bleed-through effect of so many moments now finally coming together as a burgeoning body of art that feels like it could be masterful. The embers of a still young fire that needs tending.

So I hope.

The colors harmonize, the weight of the lines and space in balance...the idea sings.

As a messenger, I often wonder if I'm well suited enough for the idea. Like, "why did you choose me?"

The idea itself seemingly too large; the sub-ideas too disparate to be easily communicated.

And that's the work.

She seems to laugh at my overwhelm and say, "This is your mission, little one, if you choose to accept it."

Because we have a choice. We always have a choice and it's too much fun to not oblige, so I mutter an indignant yes.

And then 💩 my pants because I realize what I just got myself into.

I am but a humble messenger and honored as fuck that this wild-child chose me.

Tonight, my friends, is going to be so much fun! 🙌🏽⚡️

p.s. I'm hoping to record the magic and share later. Subscribe if you want the goods.