We're worth it. Always.

[Image by Farouq Samnani]

There's a sadness inside me that's leaking out onto the page.

Unconsciousness is ugly no matter who wears it.

Since I was little, I watched racism and sexism and all the isms really, be applauded. I fought against these things, these people, and these notions. I grew tired. I didn't know what to do to change people and show them the futility and harm of their thinking.

I still don't.

I don't know what to say to show you that human lives, and life in general, is more important than our economy, the taxes we pay, or who's keeping up with the Jones'.

The hard truth, one you may not be readily able to hear, is that it's easier to blame others for what you yourself haven't created in your life than to take responsibility for your personal self.

Your hate is a sign of your own misery, your own miserliness, and disconnection from life itself.

How many people can you call true friends that don't have the same genitals, skin color or sexual orientation as you?

People you intimately know their dreams and fears? With whom you've shared lunch, tears, and family dinners?

That you can look them in the eye and say, "I care if you live or not?"

How much of the 'other side' have you truly witnessed?

Trump or Hillary aside, this election has set a precedent for anger, hate, and discrimination.

Where it's ok to grope your women, slander the black community, insist all immigrants are thieves and crooks, or that to be Muslim is to be a terrorist.

But if you knew us.

If you knew the other side, you'd know in your heart that these things are wrong.

You'd know that to try to control, oppress, or manipulate others is a sign of weakness, not strength.

You'd know that to take full responsibility for your own life would require you to stop blaming others.

Scapegoating is the oldest PR trick in history. And it's the epitome of weakness, poor character and lack of leadership.

Show me a person who takes personal responsibility for their life and is generous to all and I'll show you someone worth listening to.

Shits getting real and maybe this is what it takes to shed light on our anger. Our rage. Our suppression. Our oppression. Rupture so that we may evolve into rapture.

We are worth it.

Let it be screamed from the rooftops.

We're worth it. We're worth it. We're worth it.

[This was originally seen on Facebook and was inspired by Pamela Matta's share of this NYT article.]