I can make up whatever f*cking reality I want.

One writer’s creative awakening while at a coffee shop. 

I realized that I didn’t have to live in the world that was presented to me. That I could write into being the very nature of the reality I experienced. That is what in fact all great novelists, storytellers, and writers have done. Star Wars, The Never Ending Story, To Kill A Mockingbird… 

We write into existence what we wish was so. We dream into existence what we feel to be real. 

We rewrite our histories from the fragmented bits that we pull together to create a magical amalgamation that’s lighter than the Frankensteins of our pasts. 

Less monstrous and more loving.

In that very simple moment, a door opened for me where I realized I could create various worlds people would rather live.

Create decisions, colors, and textures that people would wish for. This, I realized, is why dictators forbade literature. For it’s the very nature of dreaming. Of change. Of the soul. It’s the very reason we hide away on rainy days and read of far off lands and wonder what our favorite character is up to as if she were real…

Maybe she is real.

I no longer need to report what is before me. I knew this in business. I intuitively knew that for me to lead, I had to walk just a bit further than the pack, to speak to what could be, not what was. To set an aspirational tone of integrity, dreams and magic. To live this narrative that was my own such that others could see the possibility unravel in their own experience.

I’m not sure as of yet what exactly I’ve just landed on. But it’s something. It’s permission to take people on the journeys  I so often experience in my mind’s eye and permit them to bring back from this sacred place something foreign and sparkly, to take root in their present.

To offer light where there is darkness.

To invite darkness where death beckons.

To remember what it is to imagine worlds beyond the one we see before us.

Yes, that is the gift of great writers. To offer fourth a window of opportunity to the world at large. I’ve always known this and simply never considered that someone would want to step into my wild imagination and go for a joy ride.

Oh, how mistaken I was.

Nothing will ever be the same.


This isn't a dictatorship. What do you think?
is power of your imagination important? Why or why not? 
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