A Call for Peace

Sometimes we hold on to situations, emotions, people and thoughts because we believe that by doing so, we're honoring some part of our lives or shared history. 

Or that if we let go of whatever thought pattern or emotion we're experiencing, we would somehow be cold, distant, and/or disconnected from the situation at hand. 

But are we best served by holding on to these things? Does this offer the freedom, or positive outcome, we endow such actions with?

I don't think so.

This way of thinking is mostly a trick of the mind. 

Acceptance is a doorway to freedom, and true acceptance inherently involves letting go. This isn't new age "think positive and let's paint the world in hearts" kind of thinking. 

I'm not suggesting that we pretend Syria isn't happening or that we brush racial tensions in the US under the rug. 

In fact, it's quite the opposite. 

You don't go to the moon in a paper plane, and well, you don't approach the evolution of mankind with the fragility of the human mind. This is a job for deep wisdom. This requires the special services of sorts. 

But the price of entry to this magical place involves deep acceptance. It requires that you let go of hate, of anger, of judgement. 

Of all the ism's. 

It mandates forgiveness, both of self and others. 

Most people don't want to hear that; war is easier it seems.  But if we don't change our approach, if we don't lay down our smoking guns, we will be the means to our own end. 

It's time to remember who we are and why we're here. 

As it stands, we are ill prepared to run this marathon. It's our job to do the work, to train, such that we can run this race. And that starts with remembering the truth of who we are. 

A call for peace. 

Your mind will whisper 1 million reasons why you can't access peace and presence now. 

It's a drunkard. Stop believing it. 

Our primary purpose, and that which serves the world at large in the greatest capacity, is to regulate our bodily state. To be fully present. There is no other purpose greater than this and to place any other goal above it, dilutes the potency of whatever action you take. 


The answer lies in our state. In presence. In full acceptance. In joy, despite our life story. 

Peace is our most treasured gift as humans on this earth. If you're suffering, start with peace. If you feel so much anger and sadness you could scream, start with peace. It's the very essence of who we are. 

What we hold onto with the fiercest of grips tends to be an indication of the bridge we need to cross and the cross we no longer need to bare. Liberty is often just around that corner.  

True acceptance is not dismissive. It links to you the very nature of life, which is presence, which is love. 

With the world changing as rapidly as it is, I see sides being drawn. I see people dismissing others in the name of having been dismissed themselves, and it's pointless. I see people preparing for what feels like war and it concerns me. I see friends look at me and question my motives, intentions and humanity based on how I look and where I'm from. 

Does this serve us? 

Grave injustices have been and continue to be committed, but war is not the answer. 

War is never the answer. 

I remember reading once that it's important that we "extend virtue to those that deserve it, and equally to those that do not." 

Is that not our challenge? To face the now surfacing wave of emotions that have been repressed for centuries with peace and love, such that they heal? 

The most tempting path is to see ourselves as separate from one another. The easier solution is to run in the direction that hate guides us. 
"Extend virtue to those that deserve it, and equally to those that do not."                  --Taoism

But it will only leave us burnt and alone. Anger is fast and furious and my concern is that we are not present enough, or rooted enough, to face it.  This isn't a question of if these emotions, wrong-doings and centuries of pain need to be faced. 

They must. If healing is to take place, that goes without question. 

But the trick is to root down deep enough such that the fury may dissipate through presence. You root within yourself. You heal through absolute presence. Absolute presence emerges when we let go of how we think the world should function. 

That's the work. 

Our global state is demanding our evolution. 

It's demanding that we be present, that we learn to see beyond divisions, labels and hate. It's demanding that we see that the emperor has not, and never was, wearing any clothes. 

It's insisting that we learn to see beyond illusions and fear and to embrace our brothers and sisters of this earth, regardless of color, regardless of creed, and regardless of whether or not we think they deserve it. 

There is space to honor what is true and simultaneously let go of how we have been wronged. 

The more noble path is to see the truth of who we are such that we transcend what we feel imprisoned by.  

I'm not asking you to allow yourself to permit abuse in your life. I'm asking you to rise. To see beyond what is obvious to something that is deeper, more sacred and truly eternal.

And I'm not saying it's easy. 

War is easy. Love is noble.