Ep. 15 "Lost in LA" Super-Fan Contacts Juanita

Gracias a Dios, Juanita's fan base is rapidly growing. The boo boos, the fans and the opportunities are rolling in and J is taking it all in as fast as she can (and loving it). Last week, she received a special email from "Lost in LA", a secret super fan that needed some no b.s. advice and fast. In Episode 15 of #AskJuanita, this sassy Latina keeps it real and reminds us of where home truly is. Watch the full episode below. 

It took me two weeks to make this episode. I shot it last week, began to edit it, and despite staring at the screen for what felt like an hour, I just couldn't bring myself to edit this video. So instead, I wrote this blog post

Luna always seems to steal the show in whatever episode she's in, which makes me think that I should cast dogs more often. And my friends. 

In the coming weeks and months, I'll be casting more actors for #AskJuanita and other short films I'll be doing. I'd like to pull from my friends, family, and readers like you. If you'd like to participate, it'd be great to hear from you. Leave me a comment below, and tell me where you're located, what your passions are, and introduce yourself

With love,