Do you love yourself?

Miss Juanita is back at it again in this week's episode of #AskJuanita. With guest star and side-kick Luna in hand, she gets a bit more serious and breaks down, in a way that only Juanita can, this seeming epidemic of not believing we're deserving of the good in our lives.

This can be a tricky, bugger of a belief.

It can stop you from launching your side project, taking a chance and pitching a new client or even asking out that oh-so-adorable boy you met on Tinder.

What are we to do when we just don't feel confident?

Or we simply don't feel like we've got it going on?'

There's some version of this quote floating around, and maybe I'm mutilating it, but it goes something to the effect of, "There's a place to fill in this world that only you can." (tweet it!)

You don't need to be better than the guy or gal next to you.

You're really pretty perfect as you are and when we realize that, it reduces the pressure of taking chances and in allowing others to see who we truly are.

We actually accomplish more and we're more able and ready to:

  • Launch our side projects.
  • Show people the art we make.
  • Be present.
  • And more...

Contrary to popular opinion, which could be better explained as the "crazy" opinion in many cases, competition isn't real, not in the way most people utilize it.

If you're showing up everyday for your personal best and really, truly doing so in a present way, you won't need to compete.

I promise.