Episode 4: Back to NYC, Visiting Seth Godin and The Domino Crew

Where are we headed? Where are we going? And what does it mean "to go back"?

These are the questions I was contemplating as I sat in Yonkers,  only days after leaving Panama, on my way to Hastings-on-Hudson to visit friend, mentor and past boss, Seth Godin.

Photo Credit: The Good Life Project by Jonathan Fields

At the time, I had just gotten back from Panama and was contemplating living outside of NYC. Thus, I rented an Airbnb in Yonkers for a few days to see what the outskirts of the Big Apple felt like and hence, the concept of "returning" and what that truly means in the context of being present.

One of the most profound and sticky lessons that I've taken from working with Seth is the importance of trust in all that we do.

That the currency we are really exchanging in life and business is that of trust. (tweet it)

It's trust that brings people in and out of our lives. It's trust that keeps people around for the long haul and as he states here,  it's that which "allows me to do the next project".

It was there that Viralalita Studios was solidified and that The Adele and The Frida were born: full brand launches and artist-intensives for purpose driven artists, entrepreneurs and all those in between.  Thanks Seth for the push. ;)

I'm also super grateful to friend and author Jonathan Fields for letting me borrow footage from one of his The Good Life podcasts.  You can see the full interview with Seth Godin here.

And of course, I'm curious to hear from you. Has there been a moment in your life where you feel you've gone "back"? And do you sense in anyway how the concept of "back" isn't all that accurate?

What do you think? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below. And as always, if you find this valuable, share it with your peeps, yo.