How to meet your higher-self on Tinder.

"What if my higher self is a bad ass bitch?" (tweet it)

What is your higher self? Or rather, who is your higher-self?

I don't know.

And here's some creative, life wisdom for you anyways.

I increasingly subscribe to the notion that I know far less than I think I do. Whenever I believe I know something for certain, it tends to bite me in the ass.

Can you relate to this not-so-startling happening? We think we know and we just don't?

In today's #AskJuanita episode, Juanita decides to put a hold on her search for her Tinder soulmate and go inward to find herself.

To find her higher self as she puts it.

What does it mean to go inward?

What does that look like?

And how do you do it?

I've spent the past few weeks getting much, much clearer about what I want, who I spend my time with and how I desire to move through the world.

I've spent much of my life living outwardly without much of a sense of self beyond my life situation.

My name, my job, my accomplishments, my relationships, etc.

But this isn't who we are. And not realizing such can have painful repercussions.

It's suffocating to both your spirit and your creativity.

Realizing that we are far bigger than our life situation can be one of the most liberating acts of kindness for your creative projects.

Honor everything and nothing matters.

I read an interesting quote yesterday by Eckhart Tolle, "Honor everything and nothing matters," he shared.

To some, this might sound fatalistic, but this way of thinking has been the primary catalyst behind my own creativity.

When we no longer believe that we are our work, we inherently care less about the outcome, what others think and are willing to take greater risks.

We release control and can thus act from an empowered state of what Steven Pressfield calls "invoking the muse", or higher self as Juanita might call it.

This isn't "me" so there feels like there is less risk.

I started these videos years ago.

You can see my earlier work here, here and here.

But I always felt repressed. 

I wasn't willing to really let loose on camera and was afraid that I wouldn't be taken seriously in the business space if I played wild characters such as Juanita.

But the truth is that Juanita is as much a part of me as is Lalita. To not honor all the moving pieces of this creative tool belt of sorts withers my spirit and is boring.

And yes, that comes with certain lifestyle implications. I don't fit into boxes very well, 9-5 corporate jobs are pretty much not a future outlook and I could, from the outside, appear "all over the place".

And while the internal process may look like glorified thrashing, there's a method to the madness.

Or at least this is what I tell myself.

Honor everything.

Your needs, your wants, your human way of being. What you need to thrive. Honor that. I've learned that if I'm going to spend more than 5 minutes on a project, it needs to be fun. It needs to help people, involve creativity and inspire.

Otherwise, I'll want to quit pretty early on.

What do you require to work in a happy way?

Nothing matters.

We all die. Whether you believe in just this life, past lives or are a complete atheist, it doesn't much matter. Death doesn't give a shit what you believe because she comes for us all. 

And all we have is now. 

We can't re-do moments, or call back our potential.

So where are you now? And what are you waiting for?