The unveiling: 2013 S&M Scholarship Winners

You may have heard... The votes are in. Our 2013 S&M scholarship winners have been chosen. And boy, was choosing difficult. 

Each applicant was given the task of demonstrating generosity. The following question was given to them:

Share a personal story of who you would help if you had $1 million dollars and why? It could be you mom who needs help with rent each month, or the local animal shelter to help save dogs without homes. We care less about the cause and more about your heart. Authenticity and sincerity win the gold.

We were blown away by the sincerity of each applicant and the effort they went through to be honest and open.

Thank you to each of you that applied, we're thrilled at your initiative to step up and take your life to the next level. 

So - who are the winners of 2013's S&M?

I proudly present ALICIA SALAZAR and ELI SHINE, our proud winners of the 2013 S&M Scholarship. Congratulations Alicia & Eli!

Each winner will receive a FULL scholarship to take our S&M course on sales, marketing and self-promotion for entrepreneurs like you.

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