Hello. I'm Lalita

Words are my gift. 

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” - Robin Williams

I believe we're here for a knowable reason, that we're souls having a very human experience, and that authentic self expression is the work. 

At the heart of my own work lies w o r d s , mostly in a visual form, born of soul, curiositytruth, beautyhumanity, and comedy. I'm equal parts poet, director, wild messenger, storyteller, and comedian.

Visual Poem. Originally posted on Instagram.

Visual Poem. Originally posted on Instagram.

I’ve worked with smart people like Seth Godin and at companies with snazzy branding like Lyft. I’ve been on stage at TEDx, twice, and have a list of happy, kind-of-a-big-deal clients. 

Let's get to know one another, g e n t l y

This is my purest form of love. I don't get paid to blog, which means I write and make with the sole hopes to connect with you. It's as if I have this invisible tribe of people all across the universe that I'm trying to rally. The work on this website is that very call, to you my dear

Yes, I want to connect with you, but only if we're a match.  If you're drawn to me, I can help you wake up. I can help you see more clearly, past illusions, and awaken to the voice deep within you. 

Here are the best ways to connect:

The pop-ups, the cults, and the opportunities to connect are driven by a deep desire to know and impact you--in addition to my virgo moon madness of order and learning marketing that doesn't suck. 

 Let's make magic, together


Viralalita Studios is a boutique creative studio focused on crafting your perfect message for millions to see and embrace (i.e. branding). We strategize, ideate, consult, and write. On a really good day, my work was been compared to The Daily Show. Read my unique perspective on branding here and email me to find out how we might work together.  

"Lalita has an acute ability to tap into the heart of why we do things- and why it truly matters. Her personality, character, creativity, strength, and ability to execute on her ideas and move the needle make her a rare breed in the work world." -- Josh Renfro | Marketing Manager, Lyft




I share my creative musings on my blog each week mostly on the topics of identity, your unique message, spirituality, love, destiny, and comedy. Sign up for my private newsletter (aka the cult) to get my insights in your inbox. 

I also write for a few, select clients and publications that I really enjoy. I've been featured in Forbes, Positively Positive, Mashable, Etsy, Women 2.0, Fast Company and a slew of others. My work has seen over 1 million+ views between them. 

Whether it's blogging, writing fresh copy for a client or putting together my next script for #AskJuanita, I love the power of the written word in all its magnificent forms.  

“Your latest piece just broke my heart wide open. Holy f*ck. Like into 1.56 million pieces. Do you realize you have the capacity to, and feel more than most people ever, ever will. And to be able to translate and communicate that into writing and then to others is a beautiful, rare, extraordinary thing.” 

-- Allyson D.,

I speak about identity, branding, + 'your unique message' at events, conferences, + retreats. 

Before I could, write, I could speak. And I haven't stopped since. I've been fortunate enough to grace the stages of TEDxAsylumHill and TEDxTraverseCity. I've also spoken twice at ReBoot Nation, a NYC Conference for freelancers and startups and Brooklyn DIY Business Association in collaboration with Etsy. If you're interested in having me, or Juanita, speak at your next event, shoot me an email. 

“Lalita is an innovative thinker who forces you to look at the world and yourself in a completely different way. By working with her, you get a clearer sense of your unique value proposition, an urgency to make it known, and road map of how to get there.” 

- Sehreen Noor Ali | VP of Partnerships, Noodle

I produce a comedic youtube show called #askjuanita 

Video is one of my favorite mediums, ever. Currently, I produce an almost-weekly, comedic show called #AskJuanita about the ups and downs of a spiritually-minded Latina living in Canada. I've also written and produced #HereOnEarth, a micro-documentary series on our life purpose, along with dozens of free business tutorials on branding and marketing.  Subscribe on my email list to get new videos (and other treats) as I make them.


“Lalita is absolutely top-notch! Bar none, speaking with her has been the most eye opening 30 minutes we've spent in our startup journey so far. She was completely prepared for the call and had laser focused advice on our marketing strategies. We're off running to start implementing those ideas.” 

- Kirit Basu | Startup Founder


I teach mindfulness and marketing for dreamers + do'ers.

I've taught 1000's of students around the world and teaching is near and dear to my heart. I've taught at Skillshare, General Assembly, and Teachable, both online and in NYC, San Francisco and beyond. These days, I teach people how to discover their inner voice and express themselves freely. Sign up for my two, free email courses below:

  1. The Truth About Modern Meditation: Learn what meditation is (and isn't). Begin to learn core principles to freeing yourself from your mind and begin to tune into your own creativity. This will help you to incorporate the wisdom in a modern, fun way.  
  2. The Spiritual Side of Sales: Discover Your First Paying Client. This course has been downloaded by almost 1000+ people. Learn the truth behind kicking ass in sales and marketing. It's not what you think. 

“This woman is seriously incredibly. Quality, effective and authentic information saturates every minute of her call will you. She's seriously connected, intelligently to the market, her focus is helping you get exactly what you need as well as what you want and she is connected to her soul which makes her recommendations a cut above the rest. You will not be disappointed with a session with Lalita!” 

-  Amber Hawken Speaker | Author


Pavones, costa rica, 2015

Pavones, costa rica, 2015

Lalita Ballesteros is a fiery storyteller, director,  teacher and speaker who believes that who we are is our greatest body of work.

Widely known for her upbeat wisdom and contagious energy, Ballesteros has been described as a “human sparkler”. Her work is an extension of her deep dedication to helping others awaken to who they are and why they’re here. She strives to make work that is vulnerable and authentic, beautiful and humorous; pieces that spark inner dialogue and that influence popular opinion for the better.

You don’t have to be who people expect you to be.

Lalita has disrupted the publishing industry with Seth Godin and The Domino Project (powered by Amazon), enjoyed diplomatic stints at the American Embassy in Rome and has backpacked through Europe and the jungles of Central America with nothing but a camera, her blog and a humble curiosity.  Each week, she reaches thousands with her writings and comedic YouTube show #AskJuanita.

She speaks three languages and has been seen in Fast Company, Forbes, TEDx, Delta Airlines, Yahoo Small Business, Mashable, and the best-selling book End Malaria among others. She currently lives in around the world with her dog, Luna, and her camera not far from reach. Keep in touch with her zany happenings here, in her weekly newsletter, The Giggles..


See all the love (and what might be in store for you) here.

    “Lalita is a pro. Her advice on book marketing is simultaneously actionable and inspirational. Fantastic, no-BS guidance based on her experience working with some of the world's most successful authors."

    -  Patrick Vlaskovits NYT best-selling Author, The Lean Entrepreneur

"Lalita is an expert in finding beauty in language, brand and culture. She's a joy to work with and makes the project fun and easy."

- Brad Sunness, Founder  Honey Soles

    "Lalita is amazing and we had an incredibly productive call. She started things off by looking at my business on a high level, and then drilled down into some specific details. The call was very reassuring, as it confirmed some of the strategies that I was already implementing or considering, but she also gave me very actionable items that I could execute on. Highly recommended."

- Jim Hopkinson | Blogger

    “Lalita is an innovative thinker who forces you to look at the world and yourself in a completely different way. By working with her, you get a clearer sense of your unique value proposition, an urgency to make it known, and roadmap of how to get there.”

-Sehreen Noor Ali | VP of Partnerships, Noodle