I believe we’re here for a reason that exceeds my own understanding. That we’re souls having a very human experience, and that authentic self-expression is the work.
— Lalita

IAMLALITA is a celebration of my imagination and the privilege of both being alive and creating. With all that is happening in the world, I believe truth that spans the depths of levity and wisdom is part of our creative journey. So I make and do my best to quite literally #bethechange through my work and honest observations. 

I hope you feel something here. 

Anything at all. And to know you are always worth it. Professionally, I run a creative agency for big ideas. I bring people's dreams to the internet in bold, highly-engaging way. I also write comedy, direct, and live everyday with as much joy as possible.

#AskJuanita, 2016

#AskJuanita, 2016

#AskJuanita, 2017

#AskJuanita, 2017

look at me now: tedx, positively positive + comedy bar.   

You'll see my voice on TEDx, Instagram, Positively Positive, YouTube, Huffington Post and many more. To see my former work, google my former nameCheck out this intimate interview here, too. 

WHAT can you expect?

Wild ideas springing forth from my imagination. I often touch upon the themes of identity, freedom, authenticity, creativity, spirituality and comedy. I write jokes. In fact, I wrote over 100 jokes on Twitter and Instagram for #The100DayProject.

Welcome to my small sliver of the planet. Thank you for stopping by!

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human / soul
Comedian / Director / WRITER

Lalita Ballesteros is a creative director, comedian, and writer who hates writing bios and believes that authentic self-expression is our most important work. 

Currently, she's the founder and principal of Haus of Lala, a communications agency specializing in personal branding. There she works with inspired individuals to find their voice, soul, and trust fund and share it on the internet. 


Widely known for her upbeat outlook and contagious energy, Ballesteros has been described as a “human sparkler” and her writing compared to The Daily Show.

In the past, Lalita has disrupted the publishing industry with Seth Godin and The Domino Project (powered by Amazon) creating 6 best-sellers and raising over a quarter million in revenue in four months.


For two years, before branching off on her own, she worked side-by-side Godin as the VP of two of his start-ups. It was there she studied the art of branding, storytelling, art, and generosity. Lalita has enjoyed diplomatic stints at the American Embassy in Rome as well as led ambassador efforts in the sharing-economy while at Lyft. 

She speaks four languages and is a regular contributor for Positively Positive, a publication with over 2.5 million followers on Facebook. Lalita has been seen in Fast Company, Etsy, Forbes,TEDxTraverseCity, Delta Airlines, TEDxAsylumHill, Yahoo Small Business, Mashable, and the best-selling book End Malaria among others. She currently lives in Toronto with her dog, Luna.  Sign up and get her creative brain-children in your inbox.